After starting Part 1 of the Traveling Herbalist,  I figured I should give some background to all this.   (unless of course you read the About Me page)

Also,  let you know this is not a forum where I am going to tell you my deepest hurts and fears, that is between myself and whomever it may apply to.

Wont go to far back but around 2005 I started to revisit natural ways of doing things.   Call it Mid-life crisis (dislike the term) or just had enough toxic things in my life.   I always enjoyed exercising and being outdoors.  Even if it was doing un-healthly things.    A dear friend contacted me with news that she had cancer and heard about an energy healing process called Reiki and tried it out with awesome results.   She knew I was “into” Angels, Energy and Alternative ways, thought I would be interested.    Took my first level Reiki and was hooked.   In 2006, another dear friend heard about this Goddess Bootcamp being held at Kripalu in Massachusetts and did I want to go for the 5 days.   Heck Yes!!  5 days of Yoga, being outdoors!!  Home life was pretty miserable and I would do anything to get away for a few days.    So off we went.   Here I met Sierra Bender.   Well let me tell you by the end of the bootcamp I was ready to seriously look at my life and see where it was going.

Now you are probably wondering, “You are 45 years old, don’t you know by now!”   Not!  I had lived in NJ my entire life,  at 19 started raising a beautiful daughter, worked at the same company for 25 years.   Took my responsibilities fairly seriously.   You must have a job because you must have insurance and a retirement plan, etc etc.   I was far from perfect but we don’t need to go into that now.   Suffice to say did a few things I am not proud of but glad I grew out of it.  Married for the second time, because tired of being alone, needed some financial stability.   The more you make the more you spend.    Ok I think you have the picture.

My first bootcamp was a eye opener.   Spending 5 days with a large group of women, all going thru some sort of process or another is not a walk in the park.     Now I am not a large group type of person, prefer to suck it up and get on with it.   So here are 30+ with 30+ issues, lives and stories.  Ahhhh!!  This is not me, I don’t have these kinds of issues or stories, I’m just a somewhat normal person, leading a somewhat normal life.    Isn’t this what we should be grateful for and deal with it.   Guess what NO we don’t have to be grateful for a house that is almost paid for, a husband who takes us out to dinner on sat to nice restaurants and vacations once or twice a year,  grateful for a good job $$ that maybe 40% of the time we enjoy.

OK so after first bootcamp I really started to look at what was around me, was I happy with my life.   The BIG question came:  Could I see myself doing this for another 20 years till I retired and maybe see what else there was out there?   The answer was NO!