Natural Products Expo West 2014

Natural Products Expo West 2014

This the  second year that I have attended the Natural Products Expo and I was not disappointed.  More than 2,600 Vendors attended this year’s Expo in Anaheim CA, what an awesome experience.   After walking my way thru aisles and aisles of Food,  Supplements and Body Products, what an information overload.    I tasted organic, gluten free, dairy free, pizzas, cakes, cookies, protein bars, gummy vitamins, vitamin waters, veggie juices, fruit juices I think you get the picture.

Every day and night I tasted, applied and read about all kinds of products.    Listed below are some of the companies that really stood out for me

Heavenly Organics   Awesome dairy free dark chocolates honey patties.  Don’t forget to check out their Floral honeys, yummm!!!

Red Ape cinnamon Sumatra Cinnamon blends for all kinds of cooking.   Here is a company that stands behind their blends.   Also, 5% of their profits protect orangutans and their habitats.   Love the community spirit here.

Mamma Chia drinks.   Thumbs up.   Available in pretty much every natural food store.

Bgreen food. Coolberry is a pitted dehydrated Hawthorne berries, add it to smoothies, hot teas, desert sauce, add to vodka for a great cocktail.    They also carry a black rice that is too die for.

Ohana organics Small skin care company located in Humboldt county, CA.   For those tattoo-ing friends they make a great  “Tattoo balm” to maintain your artwork.

Purely Elizabeth  Tasty gluten free baking mixes.  Bread, pizza, etc

Perky Jerky  Greatest flavor and tender jerky.  Two Thumbs Up

KettlePop popcorn.   Sorry not crunchy as advertised.  Dull tasting.

Veggie evolution    Awesome kale and beet chips. Gluten free.   Not overpowering taste like some other brands of Kale Chips.  2 thumbs up.

Parmela Creamery Minimal ingredients in these Treenut Cheese and WOW are they delicious.   For those of us who can not eat dairy it is a must.

SoapBox This is a great idea and company.   Purchase a bar soap = donated bar,  Liquid Hand Soap = a month of clean water thru RainCatcher,  Body Wash = a year’s supply of vitamins thru vitamin angels.   If you don’t find a local retailer you can order online.

Urban Moonshiner   Love this company started by Guido Mase.   Great bitter formulas and herbal tonics.   Especially love the Joy Tonic, bring some Joy to your life.

Balanced guru  Meeting this small company for the first time at the expo I was totally won over by their passion for their aromatherapy line and the overall kindness.   Their products  are fresh and exude great energy.

Sevierly GOOD  Rich full flavor and texture baked goods, you wont know the difference.

Floradix & Floravital Liquid Iron from   Highly soluble iron gluconate, non-constipating.   Great for pregnant women.   Naturopath and midwife recommended.

Red Beet crystals from   Supports liver function, circulatory health, blood pressure and more.   Note:  kills the stevia taste in drinks.   Tasted the crystals and they were yummy.  I can see myself adding this to my protein shakes.

Good Clean Love   All natural 95% organic ingredients.    When you need a personal lubricant or some Love Oils and Body Candy to spice up things a bit.

Vitanica Tonics Vitanica formulated by Dr. Tory Hudson ND.  New Digestion Tonic tried this at the Expo after grazing at various vendors, worked wonderful to help settle my stomach.    If you are not an Herbalist with an Apothecary of your own, I highly recommend Vitanica Tonics.   Also, check out the Adrenal Tonic formula, I am

Effer-C Acai Berry from NOW  Need a way to enhance your water try adding this and getting your Vitamin C and Electrolytes.

Tart Cherry Concentrate by Pure Planet Sour Tart Cherries is a nutritionally dense food.   Containing antioxidants and phyto-chemicals.   Contains melatonin which may help balance circadian rhythms for proper sleep.

Mushroom Matrix   100% Organic Mushroom Powders.   Check out their different formulas.   You can’t go wrong with Mushrooms

Harmony Ear Candles by Dr. Harmony   Promotes Fair Trade, creating Opportunities for Economically disadvantaged producers.   Even had my ears candled right at the Expo, helped me with the trials and tribulations of traveling with a cold.    Great new information regarding how it really works.


Wine Vinegars:  If you are like me you know that the benefits of Wine Vinegar should far outway the taste.   Pro and Prebiotics,  Freshen your mouth, Treat acid reflux, alleviate GI distress, prevent indigestion, halt hiccups, soothe a sore throat, fight the itch, brighten skin, decrease glucose levels, lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, lose weight.   However, I just can’t get past the vinegar tastes.  That has now changed.   I met two companies at the Expo who have made me a convert

Honey Wine Vinegar by Slide Ridge   Their Harvest Apple and Nature’s Honey flavors should be in every kitchen cabinet.   The Harvest Apple was definitely my favorite, can’t wait to try it on salads, marinades and a daily teaspoon full straight to help heal the digestive tract.

The other company is located in Portland, OR  pok pok Som  Their drinking vinegars come in a range of flavors (Pomegranate being my fav).   Take them straight up or get creative in making alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.


Humio humidifier  by Tribest  Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier & Night Lamp.   Loved this humidifier that has an Aroma Oil Compartment.   Add your essential oils as needed without worrying that you are going to melt or damage your humidifier.   I have been looking for a long time for a way to put gentle moisture in the air, especially with living in CO and AZ.

Sambazon is not just Acai Juice.   They have 3 new products  Protein Recharge, Purifying Greens and Purifying Cleanse.   All three are delicious and great additions to increasing your nutrition.   Especially the Purifying Cleanse, a gentle way to get rid of toxins in a whole food safe way.