Part 1

MJ Beaupre The Traveling Herbalist

Part 1 Coming from sunny Phoenix, AZ

What is a traveling herbalist?   If anyone knows the answer please let me know.   About 6 months ago I decided to uproot myself from awesome Colorado and check out the different parts of the Southwest and Pacific areas.   After spending my entire life on the East Coast (beautiful in its own way) it has taken me sometime to learn how to slow down and just smell the flowers.   So here I am.

Getting back to the herbalist question:   #1 one what is an herbalist?   an Herbalist is someone who looks at the whole body, spirit and life  of a person and tries to find a natural way to make it align in a healthy way.    This could be thru herbs, diet, life style changes.   Sometimes it is just a matter of getting us to acknowledge we have only one body this time around and we need to understand it and get to know it.

More to come