Female Transitions

No matter how much we want to ignore it, Ladies it is inevitable.   The winding down of a phase of our life and the Beginning of a wonderful new phase.   Here is a quote:

Wise Woman Perspective (Susan Weed):

The joy of menopause is the world’s best-kept secret.  Like venturing through the gateway to enter an ancient temple, in order to claim that joy a woman must be willing to pass beyond the monsters who guard its gate… as thousands of women from all cultures throughout history have whispered to each other, it is the most exciting passage a woman ever makes. 

I whole heartily agree.  In my 30’s and 40’s this was not discussed as so much as “Just happens and you suffer thru it”.

Now that I have gone thru 2 of the phases and well into the 3rd my reaction is WooHoo!!.  Yes there some unpleasant moments and more that we have to be cognizant of, but nothing unsurmountable.  If we learn to take care of ourselves and really understand what is happening.

With healthy nutrition, some herbal and supplemental support we can make this a no brainer.   Oh don’t forget taking time for ourselves to do what makes us happy and relaxed.

More info coming